Volunteer with SB&H! We Need You!

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SB&H is very grateful to those individuals who have given of themselves and contributed to the success of the Association.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Association and the following people were recognized with 2012/13 SB&H Special Recognition Awards at our Annual General Meeting on September 28. 


Jennifer Fraser Lindsay, Ontario was the setting for the first “Quinn’s Journey” Spirit Wheel Walk Run. Family and friends walked 5.8 km to raise awareness of hydrocephalus. The local paper published a story about Quinn, Jennifer’s son and covered the event.  In 2012, the Fraser family took “Quinn’s Journey” to a whole new level. They hosted a Celebrity Server Night at Boston Pizza, held a silent auction and bbq and had over 100 people participate in the walk, generating a whopping $10,600. We commend Jennifer for her commitment and outstanding efforts on behalf of the Association.


Tammy Trimble – For the past five years, Tammy has organized the Jackson’s Hope FORE Hydrocephalus golf tournament, named for her sports-loving son Jackson. This annual event that supports SB& H research and awareness of hydrocephalus has generated over $7,000.


Tanya Fortier – Tanya has been a member of SB&H since 2001 and has been a dedicated volunteer ever since.  She has been the SB&H voice in the Kitchener/Waterloo region, providing support to families as the SB&H community contact.  Tanya is particularly interested in ensuring that women in her community receive the important information about the benefits of folic acid in the prevention of neural tube defects.  She has spread this message by being our representative at community pre-natal fairs providing SB&H folic acid education and awareness materials, Tanya continues to contribute to the Association by selling our lottery calendar and with her daughter Rylie they raise awareness about the conditions through their Spirit Wheel Walk Run events. 


Janice Beauchamp – June is a special month for the Beauchamp family of Amherstburg. They celebrate their daughter Emily’s birthday and raise awareness and funds for SB&H through their annual SWWR-Emily’s Walk.  Some of their SWWR activities to raise funds include a yard sale, lemonade stand and bake sale. Their SWWR has also been featured several times in their local newspaper raising awareness of both conditions.  Emily’s Walk grows each year and to date has raised over $1,000.


Pat McGrade – Pat does an outstanding job raising funds for the Association and increasing awareness of the conditions through our 100 Hole Charity Golf Challenge. Pat is a Detective with 22 Division in Toronto, and in 2012 he organized a fundraiser for the challenge, becoming a “dunkee” in the Dunk the Detective...Sink the Sarge...Swamp the Superintendant Fundraiser.  This unique event was even featured on a Toronto newscast.  Pat and his son Ryan have participated in the Golf Challenge since 2010, raising over $4,000 for SB&H.  Pat holds the record for playing the most holes at 205! We are very grateful to Pat for for his support and commitment to the Association.


Colleen & Barb Siddall – Wanting to raise awareness of spina bifida and hydrocephalus, a condition her daughter Payton was born with, Colleen started to organize her first Spirit Wheel Walk Run and proud grandma Barb was eager to help.  The Siddall’s were joined by family and friends in the small southwestern village of Wheatley, Ontario where they held their banner high at the four corners to raise awareness of the conditions.  In 2012, the event location was moved to the Lake Erie shore, where 100 people participated in the SWWR lead by Payton and the town fire engine.  Participants enjoyed a bbq and raffle raising over $7,000 for SB&H.


Rob Terry – For the past 3 years, Rob and his daughter Danielle have participated in our golf challenge and have raised over $4,600 for SB&H. The Terry family has also donated sports memorabilia annually for the live auction.  At this year’s event, Rob outdid himself by playing 130 holes. We are very grateful to Rob for his continued support and all that he does for the Association.


Berkley Francis – In 2012, Berkley Francis with the help of her family organized her first SWWR event Berkley’s Battle for Hydrocephalus Awareness.  Over 75 friends and family came out to Greenway Park to walk, jog, stroll or cycle in London, Ontario. The London Community News covered and published a story about the event.  Berkley also created a video that educated the viewers and documents her story of living with hydrocephalus. The video was featured on the SB&H website and YouTube .To date Berkley’s Battle has raised over $4,000.


Wanda Cole – Wanda began volunteering for SB&H in July of 2012 and has been a reliable, hardworking addition at the Association’s office.  She contributes much needed administrative assistance to the staff in the areas of programs, services and fundraising and is eager to pitch in wherever it is needed.  She has given generously of her time one to two days a week for the past year.  We thank Wanda for her continued support of SB&H.



SB&H is currently seeking golf enthusiasts for our 2014 Planning Committee. We are looking for interested individuals who can help us grow our annual 100-Hole Charity Golf Challenge. This unique and fun format challenges golfers to play up to 100 holes in an 8 hour period. SB&H would like to take the event to a new level next year!

2014 will be the 9th year for this very successful fundraiser and we are eager to incorporate new ideas and increase participation. If you have a passion for the game of golf and a network of contacts in the business community and/or expertise in marketing/public relations, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. This is a one of a kind opportunity you will definitely enjoy!

We anticipate a time commitment of approximately 1 hour per month in monthly meetings, and offer the option of participating in person or by conference call. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity please call Ken Koffman at 416-214-1056 ext. 31 or email him at kkoffman@sbhao.on.ca.


Volunteer Opportunities within your Community include:

Parent Link
Adult Link
Youth Link
Awareness Display Attendant
Community Awareness Distributor
Support Group Organizer for Adults living with sbh
Support Group Organizer for Parents/Caregivers
Social Event Organizer
Community Contact
Lottery Calendar Seller
Bingo Event Assistant
Coin Box Program Representative

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the above activities, please complete and return the SB&H Volunteer Application form and email form to provincial@sbhao.on.ca or mail form to SB&H, 555 Richmond Street West, Suite 1006, PO Box 103, Toronto, ON   M5V 3B1.  Please include your resume with application form.  For additional information about volunteering for SB&H contact us at 800-387-1575

Volunteers are the foundation of our organization. The Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario (SB&H) relies on volunteers to provide governance and leadership, to deliver programs and services, raise funds and awareness.

We know that your unique talents, skills and knowledge can help us to achieve our mission to improve the quality of life for individuals with hydrocephalus and spina bifida and their families.

Whether you have an hour or it's your life’s ambition to volunteer, we have an activity for you!!!

Discover the rewards of helping others!