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Kids on the Block

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The Kids on the Block (KOB) is a troupe of disabled and non disabled puppets who look like real kids and like all kids have real problems they tackle every day.  Kids on the Block performances consist of scripted puppet shows and songs given by highly trained volunteers.  The show is primarily performed in schools for children in grades 1 to 6.  

KOB's educational and entertaining performances cover a variety of disabilities and medical conditions, including spina bifida. These performances inform educators and students about the conditions, address questions and stereotypes about people with disabilities and provide support and encouragement to students with disabilities.

Valerie, one of the puppets in the troupe, has spina bifida. Visit her at  Kids on the Block, Inc.

"KIDS are Different.  But if you look inside you'll see...That tall kid, That small kid, is just like you and me." 

Book a Performance

Invite Valerie and the Kids On The Block to perform in your child's school by contacting the following persons in your community:

Sylvia Renaud
Ottawa Children's
Treatment Centre
(613) 737-0871

Angelika Werner
CILT Kitchener/Waterloo
(519) 571-6788

Rhonda Latendresse
Seizure & Brain Injury Centre
(705) 264-2933

Linda Baldwin
Thames Valley Children's Centre
(519) 685-8680 ext. 53706