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Budget 2013: Creating More Inclusive Labour Markets

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The Canadian Council on Disability (CCD), in a press release stated that they are pleased to see a reaffirmation within Budget 2013 of continued support for Canadians with disabilities through extension of the Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities, and the fact that the Enabling Accessibility Fund and the Opportunities Fund have been made permanent programs.

The Government of Canada speaks also about the “transformation” of these programs to better meet the needs of employers and people with disabilities.  

CCD is also pleased to see the creation of a Canadian Employers’ Disability Forum that will seek greater engagement of the private sector in expanding employment opportunities for Canadians with disabilities.  “Good programs result when people with disabilities are directly engaged in their development.  We look forward to Canadians with disabilities and our organizations being engaged in the work of the Employers’ Disability Forum,” said Tony Dolan, National Chairperson of CCD.

A key consideration within the Canada Job Grant program will be addressing the accommodation needs of persons with disabilities.  “ If you are deaf and need sign language interpretation, or have a developmental disability and need a job coach,  or have a vision impairment and need accessible technology, support for disability accommodation needs within the Canada Job Grant program will be integral to successful outcomes for Canadians with disabilities,” said Marie Ryan, Chair of CCD’s Social Policy Committee.
Transformation of Canadian society to be more inclusive and accessible requires ongoing investments in Canadians with disabilities and their organizations.  “Better outcomes will be achieved if people with disabilities are directly engaged in the design of programs and services created to support us,“ said Dolan.


Here is the full Press Release


For More Information Contact:
Tony Dolan, National Chairperson of CCD - 902 569-2817
Marie Ryan, Chair of CCD’s Social Policy Committee - 709 739-8233
Laurie Beachell, CCD National Coordinator - 204 947-0303 (wk.) 204 981-6179 (cell)

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