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Old 06-06-2005, 02:00 PM
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Default New member, choroid plexus papilloma

Hello Everyone!!!

Just a short intro.**Our child was dx with aquiductal stenosis and choriod plexus papilloma in 2000, he was 5 and a half.* Never threw-up or had problems speaking**or playing*till he was 4 years old.* Just thought he was slow.**We dont have*other children so didn't realize how delayed*he was till he started Kindergarten.* *Underwent craniotomy to remove tumor and we thought all would be fine.* When he didnt recover well they did another MRI and discovered the aquiductal stenosis.* He then underwent an Endoscopic third ventriculostomy.* Lots of big words here today, huh??* He has no shunt but continues to have very large ventricles.*He has remained nuerologically stable now for four years,**He has regular OT/PT/SLP and is mainstreamed half the school day and in Resource room for reading and math.* Just recetnly he was also dx with CAPD, central auditory processing disorder.* Means he has good acuity for hearing but can not or is slow with processing speech sounds. As you can imagine learning to read is excruciatingly slow, infact he is only now identifying letters with their sounds.*

Would like to chat with other parents of children with an ETV or ETV then shunted.*



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