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Old 03-14-2015, 01:57 AM
Ginette Bisnaire
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Default Chronic Headaches

I`ve had ten shunt revisions with the first surgery taking place when I was nine weeks old. The last revision took place in 2003 where the surgeon put in a programmable shunt. I`ve been suffering with more frequent headaches since 2012, and for the past four months have had headaches everyday. Just two weeks ago, when I went to London to have this problem looked after, they checked my shunt and the setting had changed on its own. The darned thing has been overdraining for some time now. Anyways, I returned this past week for an MRI and will only see the surgeon next Tuesday, which means a third trip for me. London is two hours away for me. I am feeling more and more horrible with each passing day. Why must I wait so long for something to be done? Has anyone else had a similar experience? I`m 46 and this is taking a toll on my overall health.
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Old 11-09-2016, 05:54 PM
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Default Chronic Headaches

I, too, have chronic headaches. I also have congenital hydrocephalus. Unlike you I was NOT TREATED until the age of 41. That year, 1991-92 I had 3 surgeries, 1 in '91 and 2 in '92, all were non-programable shunts. I was hospitalized for a mild blockage in 1994 and then nothing until 2009 when I collapsed for no apparent reason. Luckily the shunt remained in tact. But I have had no neurosurgery appointments since 2009. I made a life changing move in 2010. When choosing a new doctor I immediately told him I was shunted because of the hydrocephalus and at that time my headaches were under control. I told him IF they ever started to interfere with my AODL, (activities of daily living) I would ask that he arrange for an appointment with a neurosurgeon. That happened a year ago...I mean my condition changed a year ago. I had an MRI 13 months ago and I AM STILL WAITING TO SEE A NEUROSURGEON. My family doctor prescribed pain medication which I take very rarely because I don't want to become addicted but I don't want to be in pain either. I pray that we BOTH get the healthcare and the answers we deserve.
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