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Old 06-22-2003, 06:38 PM
Pamela Pamela is offline
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Default Hydrocephalus

I have a 8 year old son that had a VP Shunt put in a 7 months old because of bleeding around the brain.* He has never had a shunt revision of any problems at all.* Is this normal?* What are the chances that he doesn"t need the shunt anymore?* We go to Sick Kids Hospital every year for a check up but we are in and out of the doctors visit in 10 minutes.* We are planning a vacation to Florida in October and I a little worried that something might happen because nothing has yet.
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Old 06-28-2003, 09:56 PM
quneuro quneuro is offline
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Default Hydrocephalus

Dear Pam,

Every case of hydrocephalus is different, depending on the child.* Some go years without revisions to the shunt and others have numerous revisions.* Try not to worry about that too much, and just enjoy the time are having.* The shunt is clearly doing its job of resolving the hydrocephalus and functioning appropriately, if he is having no difficulties.* However, that does not under any circumstance mean that he is not in need of his shunt, merely that it is working properly.** Short visits at Sick Kids are reason to rejoice.* His team must be so pleased and proud of his progress, with him being*so well *and that is why the visits are short.** My son and I usually celebrate with pizza and rootbeers over short visits, as that means everything is going GREAT!!!*

With regards to your vacation do enjoy every moment of it.* However, since you are heading for Florida, please be advised that there is The Wade's Center for Hydrocephalus, at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women and children in Orlando, Florida, 407-841-5111, and they have an excellent team that are dedicated to pediatric hydrocephalus.* When I travel I always check ahead and then tuck that information away in my suitcase.* I have never had any need of it, but felt it a comfort.* Enjoy your vacation and that wonderful young lad of yours!!!

Sincerely, Lauren

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Old 07-31-2003, 06:24 PM
minniemay minniemay is offline
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Default Hydrocephalus

Good day Pamela,

I am a 19-year old girl who was diagnosed with hydrocehalus at four and a half months old. Just like your son, I have a VP shunt. Until March 2003, I had three revisions. Between March 26, 2003 and July 22, 2003, I had five revisions. Today, I still have headaches; I am most probably going to have a sixth one very soon. What this means is that a person may not need a shunt revision for many years, as much as another person can need multiple shunt revisions within a short period of time.

I am glad for your child and hope he continues to lead a healthy, happy and active life!


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Old 08-29-2003, 04:43 AM
princessr2002 princessr2002 is offline
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Default Hydrocephalus

Hi Pam,<br> If you're travelling to Florida, or anywhere in the States for that matter, PLEASE GET TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!!! As long as your son hasn't had any problems up to 90 days prior to departing, he should be covered under most insurance plans that you can take out in Canada. Travel Cuts has a good one, you can either go into one of their offices or buy over the phone. You can find their info at www.travelcuts.com <br> I had to have surgery while I was in England a few years ago, and because of that,when I was planning my trip to Califormia I got cancellation and health insurance....it's a good thing, because my shunt got blocked a few days before I was supposed to leave, so i had to cancel. Anytime I even mention the word travel to someone now, they freak out! Apparently I'm doomed to travel only Canada for the rest of my life!<br> As for your son not having any problems yet, hydro is pretty unpredictable, so he could go years without having any problems. I went my first 15 years without a revision. I've since had 9 revisions (6 in the last year). Just relax and don't worry about it until something does happen. Although I'm sure this is easier said than done for a parent.<br> princessr2002
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Old 10-06-2003, 04:06 PM
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Default Hydrocephalus

I am doing a project for my school on Hydrocephalous, i need some quotes. If one of you that actually has hydrocephalous can send me an email, it would be awesome.

<a target="_blank" href= "mailto:lucymclily@hotmail.com">lucymclily@hotmail .com</A>

**** Thank You

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