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Old 01-15-2007, 05:01 PM
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Default Question newbie here!


I just found this web site today, and sign up.* I have many questions I've done some reading Is this site just for people with severe SB or can anyone get involved?*

I was born with it only we didn't know till i was around 7-10yrs old. (had scolliosis of the spine and when they xray'd they found my SB) I've lived a normal life no problems with walking or anything. I was told quote some of your bones are shorter than normal but SB will never bother you!

When my son was born he didn't walk on time so I ended up carrying him till he was about 2yrs old. Than I took a course to take care elderly (involving lifting) I ended up with numbness in my legs arms and had to quit working.** They started testing me for MS due to my symptoms I do not have it!*

But the symptoms continued after a few years of different doctors a New nurologist(sp) said you have SB right she sai I think I know what you have and ran a MRI and diagnosed me with a syrinx? in my spine.* The neurosurgeon said I needed nothing done since it hadn't caused permanemt damage and untill it had they wouldn't do anyting.

Since then no one has done or said anyting about it . I still have problems but I have learned to be careful about work and how I sleep. And if its a bad day I just call in sick to my employer ( they think I get lots of colds and stuff)

Any thoughts?* Is there something I*should be doing?**Anything*people think I should know ??

SB is one of many disease I have between them all I am litterally taking one day a week off. I am planing on trying to apply for disabitily so I would like any sugestions or ideas if anyone has any!!!*

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