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Old 11-22-2003, 03:24 PM
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Default Headaches after 11th surgery this year

Good day to everyone,

I had surgery number eleven, of this year, on November 13th. Since the revision that took place in July, the pattern is always the same. I have no headache two to three days after the surgery (my head is as light as a feather) and then it returns. I feel a very intense pressure and heaviness, when I am in vertical position, and a minor pressure when lying down.

The next step is to try medication for muscles because my neck is unable to support my head because it is too heavy. However, will it reduce the heaviness that I feel?

The neurosurgeon wishes to look into to this to really try and avoid surgery number twelve. Will time make a difference? Has anyone had very bad headaches after a shunt revision which disappeared with time and/or medication. Please answer this message if it is the case.

At the first shunt revision this year, the entire shunt was replaced. The ten other operations that followed were partial revisions. I believe that they should change the entire shunt. Until then, the headaches will keep returning. Also, I have had approximately 15 puntures that were done in the reservoir, due to shunt taps. Could that have damaged the reservoir? The neurosurgeons have also pressed on the reservoir several times this year to see if it is functionning well and according to them, it is.

I am the neurosurgeon's first patient to have a valve in the abdomen. Is anyone's valve placed in that area, with a reservoir in the head?

The next surgical option is to repalce the V-P shunt by a V-A. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with a V-A shunt.

I know that I have many questions, and if anyone has had similar experiences, please tell me about them. What is keeping me going right now is that the neurosurgeon promised to resolve my problem and not give up! He is a very determined and encouraging person.

Take care everyone,

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Old 12-09-2003, 07:39 AM
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Default Headaches after 11th surgery this year

I recently this year had 3 major brain surgeries and this resulted in me missing the full period of my work experience. Since the full shunt revision in April I had had continous headaches that have increased in pressure. A procedure was tried on me called a ventricleostomy but this failed. I have recently had my shunt pressure changed from high to low. Should I still be having dramatic intense headaches? To be honest, the agony is killing me. I wake up in a morning wishing that I wasn't hydrocephalus because I am constantly being picked on at school and I just wish I was like other kids. Take care people! If anybody wishes to contact me please do not hesitate to cotact me at my email address, <a target="_blank" href= "mailto:aj_scott_2003@hotmail.com">aj_scott_2003@h otmail.com</A>. Take Care!
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Old 12-27-2003, 10:29 PM
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Default Headaches after 11th surgery this year

Hi, I'm Cathy. I was shunted for the 1st time at age 51, am 53 now. I have had over draining problems the whole time. I see my NS Jan 2/04 & hope he will agree to switch me to the Codman programmable valve.

Are you sure your valve is in the tummy area & not that you have a valve in your head & in the tummy area. When I was 1st shunted my NS had removed the valve on the distal tubing as he felt I waould not drain with it on. Boy was he wrong!!! Last Dec. I was switched to the Codman & my over draining is not as severe. However still limits my ability to be upright for very long

Will you please email me to let me know how you're doing? I need to be able to check your post while I type & I can't do that here.

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Old 12-27-2003, 11:48 PM
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Default Headaches after 11th surgery this year

Silly me. That S/B I was switched to the Strata last Dec. I hope to get the Codman as I am at the highest setting of the Strata & still over draining.

By the way, I think your neck hurts because of over draining pains (which I get when I'm up too long - as little as 1 hour early in the day)), not weak muscles. I have to sit semi reclined most the time I am up & lie down quite frequently.

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