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Old 11-18-2003, 10:46 PM
Tamara Tamara is offline
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Default Is this something to worry about?

Hi everyone! Daimee is 4 years old and she has not had a headache for a couple of weeks now. She had her cat scan a few months ago and her ventricles are normal size now. She does complain of tummy aches still but it goes away and that could be from many things eg. food etc. But today at school her teacher said she was wobbly today on her feet, going side to side abit and when she was sitting on the floor reading, twice she was leaning back not aware of it. Her balance was off today I guess. A person told me I should maybe change her diet because certain foods can cause headaches or migranes or other things. He told me a book called eat right for your blood type is suppose to be really good!* I don't know.* Anyway that's about it. Hey, I just wanted to say hit to Pam! (Dalton's mom).
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Old 11-22-2003, 02:47 PM
minniemay minniemay is offline
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Default Is this something to worry about?

Dear Tamara,

I am glad that your daughter has no more headaches. For how long*had she been suffering from headaches?

I have had eleven surgeries this year and I still have a headache when in vertical position. The neurosurgeon asked to be patient, hoping that the pain will diminish progressively because he cannot*keep*revising certain parts of the shunt that technically are functionning.*Meanwhile, he suggests to try different medications, mainly for muscles because my head is very heavy and my neck cannot support this "extra" wait. Surgically, he mentionned that the only option that is left is inserting a V-A shunt, instead of a V-P shunt, like I have had for 19 years. Although, I think that until the entire shunt is not changed, the headache will just keep returning. That is what I think should be done before chaanging for a V-A shunt. However, the risk of infection is very high in my case, at the moment. What is your opinion?

What is keeping me going is the fact that he will not give up! He is an incredible neurosurgeon!

Take care,

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