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Old 03-06-2008, 05:28 PM
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Default Bowel &/or Bladder Program & routines

HI,<br> for those of you struggling with with bowel issues i suggest you take a look at the work being done by Dr Levitt at the Pediatric Colorectal Clinic at Cincinatti Childrens Hospital in Pennsylvannia.<br> a couple of friends of mine have just recently been through this program with their SB kids and are THRILLED with the results. in both cases their kids were (are) in underpants and accident free after one week. pretty amazing.<br> i am in the process of gathering some more info about it to take to our next clinic visit in april (at mac). my daughter is only 20 months old...so some of this is still a ways off for us but i firmly believe that the younger the better in terms of fostering independance and dignity.<br> <br> sonia<br> mom to saffi. 20 months, L4ish, no shunt, "walking" with standing frame and wheeled walker, crawling, climbing and causing toddler chaos.
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Old 03-13-2008, 11:37 PM
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Default Bowel &/or Bladder Program & routines


Thanks, Sonia.* I haven't checked this out yet, but I will.* Right now, I'm leaning towards a c-tube for my daughter.* The bowel (and bladder) issue is a real struggle right now, especially as my daughter gets older.* She's 9.


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