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Old 03-28-2004, 02:59 PM
minniemay minniemay is offline
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Default Sixteen shunt revisions in one year

Hello everyone, * I have not been around the past two weeks because I had shunt revision number fifteen March 18th and number sixteen (between 2003 and 2004 only) March 25th. * I was admitted on March 12th to try a migraine medication called DHE for three days. I recieved three doses per day every eight hours. It simply added a second problem, nausea. Although, as of the third dose of medication, the neurosurgeon prescribed Zofran*and that eliminated the nausea. A shunt tap was done on March 15th. In horizontal position my pressure was equal to 17 cm of water and in vertical position, it was negative. As I sat up, the change in pressure was incredibly quick and the problem was that the pressure stayed negative, even after sitting for ten minutes! So, this told the doctor that the anti-syphon, which is incorporated in the valve, was not functionning. Does anyone have an anti-syphon? Did it create any problems? So, a surgery was scheduled to put a PS Medical medium flow valve and an anti-syphon device seperated from the valve. Since there was a day between when it was planned and when it took place, I decided to go to college with a heplocked IV! It got my mind off the surgery, however made the students talk. The following day, the operation was canceled and scheduled for March 18th because the first case took more time than planned and the OR staff did not wish to do extra hours. Five days after the surgery, the intense headache returned because the distal catheter*had come out of the heart by*5cm. So, surgery number sixteen was to go put the catheter in the jugular vein.*However, after three hours of trying, it*did not work. So, I have an incision no my neck for nothing and*lost*feeling*from my chin, down my neck. I was told that for 50% of the cases, the feeling returns partially or totaly within three to four months. I lost*350 mL of blood and needed oxygen the first*night because I recieved three doses of morphene (my neck was hurting*so badly!!!) So, the distal catheter was repositioned in the sub-clavian vein with no restriction this time. Those who have a V-A shunt, in which vein is it placed? Yesterday, I had an X-ray and the distal catheter moved*out of the heart by 1cm. The*neurosurgeon is not worried. * We*will*see what happens. Hopefully, this was the last operation for many years, at*least ten. I have not*kept the same shunt for more than eight years and a half. * Take care everyone,
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Old 04-22-2004, 10:52 PM
laura laura is offline
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Default Sixteen shunt revisions in one year

minniemay, my son is 10 and has had his shunt since birth this year he has had 23 shunt revisions due to his shunt siphoning we have tried several different shunt valves he now has a high pressure valve in a new shunt valve* made by medtronics and his icp while lying is 18-20 but when he is up his shunt drains a ll the* way* down to neg numbers, also he has several anti-siphon devices placed on the various shunts sometimes they work and other times the same device does not work.* His forhead is not attached to the parietal bone due to a surgery last year to expand the frontal bone he go an infection in the frontal bone and a lot of the bone had to be removed it needs to be rebuilt soon but in the mean-time when the shunt is siphoning you can see his forehead drop from lack of pressure and the Dr. still can not get a valve to work and stop siphoning* what Dr. do you see and where? If you don't mind me asking.* Thanks laura
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