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Old 03-25-2008, 05:55 PM
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Default Hearng Loss due to shut revisions

I'm a 41 yr old male with a VP shut.* I have had it since 3 mths of age.

My last revision was 3 years ago.* I have had MANY shut replacments/revisions over the years.* My spine is also fused from my tailbone to my shoulderblades and both my SI Joints are fused.


I have noticed in the past couple of years that the hearing in my right ear (where my shut is) has decreased.* I went for a hearing test and it was confirmed that I do have a hearing loss in this ear.* The Audioligist said it was probably due to scar tissue.

I am waiting for an appointment with a specialist for further testing.

I was wondering if any other adults with shuts have had hearing loss issues.


Thank you.


Tom, Toronto

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