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Old 12-08-2015, 01:17 PM
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Default You Gotta Relax - a song about catheterization

My 5 month old son was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Thought we'd hopefully brighten your day with a fun little song we wrote about catheterization!

I'm not planning on writing a ‪#musical‬ and no, I don't normally write #songs like this... It's one of the ways we deal with ‪‎Spina Bifida‬ and ‪‎catheterizations‬ and hospital visits and looming surgeries. I think the song is pretty funny. We had fun writing it, at least. Check it out. Give it a share and a like if you feel like it.



a song about catheterization

You gotta relax
So I can get this thing in
You gotta relax
So I can do my thing
You gotta relax
So I can catheterize You

You gotta stay cool
I know you're thinking of food
Not trying to be rude
You gotta pee through this tube
This thing in your thing
That's how I catheterize you

Most of the other fathers change some diapers
And most of the other mothers wipe some bums
But you and me we take a little longer
In the family bathroom
(Knock on door?!)
We're almost done
But we're havin fun

It's finally in!
And yes that's a grin
On top of my chin
I guess I'm a model
That's because I finally relieved
Your bladder

I emptied your bladder
Now nothing's the matter
Cause I emptied your bladder
You're no longer sadder
I relieved your bladder
And if I was a scatter
I'd scat like a scatter
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