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Old 08-21-2005, 06:37 PM
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Default Pregnancy for adult with SB

Hello - I am new to the forum and the website, I am*mid(late)-30's and have always wanted to have a child - with having Spina Bifida I don't know anyone that has experience having a child that would be in the same position as me and am looking to speak to someone about it.* Hopefully someone is out there that can assist me.
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Old 09-15-2005, 03:15 AM
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Default Pregnancy for adult with SB

hi, I just recently found this site too and am not accustomed to finding so many people who have a thing I do.* I'm 48 and didn't have children but....my girlfriend who has spinal bifida did have children in her thirties.

She talked with her doctor, took some extra folic acid prior to starting the process of having a baby.....which was something they looked into together.* She and her husband knew they would be able to give a child a great life and were ready to accept a child with spina bifida or* whatever was destined to be.

they have 2 children, healthy.* Its her story so I have no other details.

I'd suggest talking with your doctor and if you are near a University ask about genetic counselling.* In my late 20's I reviewed things with a genetic person at Queen's and he was very positve about treatment using folic acid for pregnant women*with spina bifida.

There are undiagnosised women who give birth to healthy babies and visa versa so I hope some other people come on line and give you some help filled advise about things.

As you know when you are pregnant, and more so into your later thirties it is always suggested that you have amnio centisis (maybe not spelled right) to screen for genetic abnormalities.* Spina bifida is detectable but it does not indicate to what degree the baby will be effected.

Personally I "chose" no children in* my early teens but when I was in my 30's I too began to feel that urge.. knowing of my friends choice and that regardless, I could give a child a good life I too though about it often.* It wasn't to be but its our nature as women to consider these things.

As with any child, consider why you want them and what you can give to them and then realize how their life will be if there is a defect.* Personally, mine was occulta but even that has changed how I viewed myself.* You* know your experience too.* Can you support your child through that? Have you others to help out and health resources?

Tomorrow I am at a conference with guest speakers about spina bifida, I'll type then if I have any useful stuff or resource for you.* Take care.




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Old 09-16-2005, 01:21 PM
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Default Pregnancy for adult with SB

Bearlover,<br> <br> I am 32, Female and have a wonderful 11 year old daughter who is very health. Here in South Australia there is no SB with a SB child. Getting pregnant was fairly easy, I was unable to feel alot of the baby's movement in the womb and went through a painless labour. I was not aware of labour pains but did experience my water breaking.<br> <br> My daughter was born breach which is rare here, they did not want to risk a c section due to possiably cutting through my bladder.<br> <br> However I havent been able to get pregnant again and have been threw test etc, for some reason it is not going to happen. Therefore I bless the child I have.<br> <br> I am available for chat on msn and yahoo as elvisfreak73.<br>
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