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Old 08-24-2003, 02:53 PM
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Default Antisyphon devices

To all readers:

I have had six shunt revisions between March and August of this year. Besides the headaches still being a major symptom, my right arm and shoulder are extremely sore. Following the first surgery, the neuroosurgeons thought that the blockage of the shunt was the cause of this pain,*that had been present*for five months,*because it was no longer present after the surgery. At the fourth surgery, they added an antisyphon device to the shunt. Two weeks later, my right shoulder and arm were*hurting once again. It remained until July when they inserted a valve, this time without an antisyphon. Because the headaches returned three days later, the neurosurgeon decided to place a valve which has eighteen pressure settings at the sixth surgery. As they increase the pressure, externally, my arm and shoulder pain increases.

I would like to know if muscular pain*can be a cause of*a shunt malfunction and I would also like to have opinions on antisyphon devices.

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