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Old 08-06-2003, 01:52 PM
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Default is this normal for hydrocephalus

My son got a shunt in October last year.* My questions are

1.* He still wakes up slowly in the morning and staggers a bit, he also has balance problems sometimes.* Headaches, i know the're headaches b/c he rubs his head and sometimes he'll cry.* Is anyone else's child taking dilantin b/c i hve noticed that whenever he is on it he is hyperactive esp. when he gets tired it's like he's tired and he doesn't know that he should sleep.* I know that children with shunts tend sleep more than other children when he does get to sleep it is twice per day for 2 hrs each time or once for the day for abut 3hrs if he sleeps for only an hour when he wakes up or for the rest of the he is off.* I took him to sick kids a while back at the begginning of the summer cus it all started with the beginning of the summer esp the headaches the did a shunt series ex-ray and a cat scan but he was ok.* But a lot of this has continued i just need to know if this is normal. the shunt works great though.


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