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Old 11-06-2003, 06:17 PM
jennifer jennifer is offline
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Default pregnacy & spina bifita HELP!!!

My bestfriend just went her 1st ultrasound very excited. Unfortunitly she came back to me with the new's that the baby has spina bifida and fluid on the brain. the docter said the baby might only live a couple of hours after delivery and she should terminate. Does anyone know anthing about this. It is crushing me to she someone I*love in so much pain. And I really don't want to see a babys life lost if*there is some kind of intervention. She is 5 months pregnant. Someone PLEASE reach out and help me!

Thank you so much


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Old 11-12-2003, 07:56 PM
Skyebandit Skyebandit is offline
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Default pregnacy & spina bifita HELP!!!

Hi Jennifer

While I can't help with respect to my experience (my daughter's condition was detected after birth and she has closed form of spina bifida) and can say, from talking to other parents, that Drs often times will give parents the worst case scenerio.* It is really difficult to tell until after birth how a child will be affected.

My daughter was looked at after birth and told all the worst case scenerios, even though her form generally is very unaffected.* I found that very distresssing.

I would suggest having her get on-line and reach out to real parents who are living with this condition.* Some good sites are <a target="_blank" href= "http://www.parentsplace.com">www.parentsplace.com</A>*and <a target="_blank" href= "http://theparentperspective.com/boards/category-view.asp">http://theparentperspective.com/boards/category-view.asp</A>

The second one has a spina bifida board that is more active.* I'm sorry you didn't recieve many messages here.* Rest assured, if you post to those ones above, you will get lots of responses.


mom to daughter with lipomyelomeningocele along with a tethered cord (and who is 7 1/2 years old, in underwear AND top of her class)



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