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Old 02-21-2008, 07:32 AM
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Default congentital hydrocephalus


my name is Jessica Coleman i live in Townsville, Qeensland, Australia.* I am married, with one son, and another on the way.* My first Son Hayden was born with congenital hydrocphalus, and a tracheophageal fistuala.* He was born *delieved via c section*and taken it to neonatal intensive care at 34 weeks gestation, because his head circumference then was that of a normal full term baby (35cms).* I was only 14 weeks pregnant when i found out hayden had hydrocephalus, dr's advised me to terminate the pregnancy saying he would not survive.* I refused to do that and would let nature take its part.* When he was born the discoved his osphagus was not joined to his stomach, and his stomach was joined to his trachea, with stomach acid running into his lungs.* Hayden had emergency surgury at 7hrs old to reconstruct it to normal.* This caused him no problems he recovered fine, eats and drinks well.* He had his first VP shunt inserted at 13 days old. He is now nearly one, and has had 11 shunt revisions in the past year, with 5 differenet shunts.* His last one was inserted 2months ago and so far so go.* Alot of shunt revisions were due to shunt infections, which made him get very sick.** Because of numerous infections he had arachnoid cyst grow in his ventricles that requried surgury to remove them, Despite the set backs though Hayden is the happiest little baby*boy, there is never a dull moment and has so much personality!!* Developmentally he is a little delayed but nothing major, he has problems with head control because it is much bigger and heavier of it now at 49.5cm circumference. He is a delightful young boy and we are blessed with him every day, he is a gift from god!!

I am happy to talk to anyone about my story and experiences my email is <a target="_blank" href= "mailto:jessica.marie.coleman@hotmail.com">jessica .marie.coleman@hotmail.com</A>

thankyou jess

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