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Old 02-23-2007, 09:42 AM
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Default early detection

i am majorly concerned about the time frame* alot of pple ae finding out they have sb

i found out i had sb when i was 17 or so,and only found out recently its sbo and its opened up wider and i am having several difficulties now

the standard way docs treat it is by pain medication and anti-anflamitarys

why isnt there a more emphasis on trying p at birth

and my concerns are with the pple who have gone unchecked or not checked properly is at serious risk

to think that 9)% of sb cases have spinal fluid on the brain and its gone untreated for such leagthy periods in my view playing it verry dangerous

i have had these issues during my childhood

passing out going blue in the face-siezures

memory trouble/learning difficulties well some/headaches wich i believed where miagraines/twitches/sleepyness slept alot and long periods

bad behavoiural problems

i have read majority of these are due to sb but from doctors in australia all that happened i was told i may get epilepsy when i am older

there should be an emphasis to allow* to pick sb and other forms up at birth so a person will be able to learn and adept easier to the life they will have to endure

at i am on anti depressants for pain and osteo tablets and physiotherapy* i have only found out about sbo for a couple months now** plus i have L4-L5--L5-S1 discs wich are narrowed and basically crushed my dics*

this is how bad it is here in aus i got my xrays done at the hospital here smallish town and that doc said yep everything is fine

same xrays different docs i have these issues

and majority of pple are being told not to bother its nothing sbo is a debilitating disease* i cant figure why its so widely told to patients its nothing to be concerned about

well thats my story and hope this was the right place to post*

i know i have a hard road ahead of me but hey thats the way it goes

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