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Default Shunt vs Cyst Removal

My husband is 62 yrs of age. Has been diagnosed with NPH. Also have a cyst on the 3rd ventricule. Strangely, he doesn't experience headaches. I think he acquired hydrocephalus since he had menegitis when he was a child. After being diagnosed, that's the first thing that each doctor has asked. Think that might be the baffling part. He does, however, experience tons of nausea. Practically living off of anti-nausea mediicine. He has experienced some form of a seizure several times and short-term memory loss. He can feel it coming on. He gets a feeling of being very warm or hot and starts loosening his clothing. When he has these, I see he's trying to respond when I am constantly yelling his name. After being seen by the neurologist. who referred him to a neurosurgeon, who sent us to an opthamologist, cardiologist and endocronoliogist, we are back at seeing the neurosurgeon. They last about 45 sec to 1 min. Has anyone had experiences like these? Has anyone had the cyst removed/aspirated rather than going the shunt route?
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