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Default How do you know?


My child has myelomelingocele spina bifida and is now almost twelve years old. He has a VP shunt to manage his hydrocephalus and he gets sick from time to time but usually we attribute this to getting colds and flu- but today he missed school because he had a headache all day and he says he wasnt able to keep down much food....

Here I am on the web getting a review of spina bifida and hydrocephalus symptoms and do you know when his headaches are shunt related and not cold or flu? When do shunts need to be changed anyways?

When is it obvious that we need to rush him to the hospital? And what can a regular hospital do if a shunt is giving troubles? The closest neurosurgeon is Puerto Rico I think.

He has gained so much weight over the past couple years and has started puberty way before the other boys did. Whats going on? Should we prepare for a short life span?

I don't know why I am even thinking these things. I've never been worried before.

I hope someone comes online and can give some insight. I really need some answers.


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