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Hope everyone is well!<br/><br/> I'm sooo thrilled.* My daughter is learning to self-cath.**Actually, I would say that she *has* learned to self-cath.* There were definately some difficult times; lots of tears and frustration.* I really could not imagine that one day she would be able to self-cath!<br/><br/> Anyway, I am now thinking that she would benefit from attending some type of summer camp for children with SB.* Does anyone know of one?<br/><br/> Thanks in advance,<br/><br/> Tessa<br/><br/> *<br/><br/> *<br/><br/> *<br/><br/> <br/><br/>
That would be great for her, I am sure she will learn a whole lot more when she goes to the camp.
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