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10-11-2013 03:39 PM

Unusual Signs and Symptoms of Spina Bifida
I know that the symptoms of SB depend merely on the severity of the disorder. I f a person has sever SB, the symptoms could be paralysis in their legs, bowel and urinary incontinence. If its mild, patients small birthmark, where the spinal defect is.

Which other uncommon symptoms or signs have you experienced?

01-30-2014 04:24 PM

I thought that this was a post that actually had some unusual symptoms posted.. :(. My nephew has hydro and I believe that he might also have SB though he has not been formally diagnosed. He doesn't present with classic symptoms and I often wonder if they are just missing the diagnosis...just my opinion of course since I'm not a doctor. I've seen so many people on this forum that weren't diagnosed until later in life that I wonder if there are any symptoms or such that they can share that might shed some light on my nephew's situation.

firelily99 07-23-2014 06:07 PM

What would other symptoms be with SB, things that might not normally occur. I have been looking for information due to a friend's being born with it and now another friend has a diagnosis. Any and all info is appreciated.

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