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Mattsonsmom 01-31-2004 01:19 AM

seizure - migraines?
Hi, My name is Shyra and I just joined. I am soooo desperate to talk to someone who can give me some peace of mind. My son is 7 years old and at 4 months old he was diagnosed with Hydrocephelus (aquaductalstenosis)(sp.) Shunt was put in and life continued. He started having headaches at age 2. They didn't get severe or frequent until about 8 months ago. Four weeks ago he had a headache and after 2 hours of pain he had a seizure. We of course called 911 and took him to the hospital. He was admitted for two days and they sent us home on Medrin if he has a headache and diastat if he has a seizure. Three weeks later and several headaches later he has another seizure* - a bad one. Back to the hospital. They put him on Decotrex (sp.) He is home and is fine - this just happened today by the way. They doctors said they don't know why he is having seizures. They feel certain he is having migraines. Anyone who can help - I would fly to you and kiss your pinky toe!!!!




minniemay 02-14-2004 02:20 PM

seizure - migraines?
Good day Shyra,

I have had hydrocephalus since the age of four months. Today, I am nineteen years old and have had 15 shunt revisions (twelve in the last ten months). However, I have never had a seizure. I did meet a ten-year-old girl, during my hospital stays, who has between twelve and twenty seizures per day. I do not know which kind of medications she tried, neither the names of the ones*that were and those*that were not successful. Athough, I do know that before having a seizure, she would sometimes have a headache and feel dizzy. Once the seizure had passed, the symptoms progressively diminished,*to finally disappear. Also, many people*who have*hydrocephalus seem to have headaches more frequently than individuals who do not have to deal with this condition.

I know what a headache feels like because I still have some today. What keeps me going is that I am followed by an incredible neurosurgeon who will not give up until I am pain-free!

I am very glad your son is doing well.

Sending Mattson and the rest of your family lots of*health,

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