2016 Spirit Wheel Walk Run - The Tradition Continues

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Spirit Wheel Walk Run (SWWR) fever swept the province during June in celebration of Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Awareness Month!  Events in 15 communities saw people walk, run and wheel their way across the province, with proceeds totaling approximately $35,000 for SB&H programs, services and direct support! More than ever before, the walks caught the attention of the public and local media and the awareness generated about the conditions of spina bifida and hydrocephalus was tremendous! Four first time SWWRs took place this year…in Belleville, Burlington, Kingston and Toronto.

“As a family, we have invested in many different charitable causes over the years.  However, we decided it's time to support and raise awareness for an organization and cause which is very near and dear to us, that of the The Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association Of Ontario.” The Kushla Family, Walk for Emily- Toronto


SWWR events have become an annual tradition in many communities and all the organizers have done an outstanding job making it a day to look forward to each year in their community. It’s the dedication and passion of the people involved that makes this grassroots campaign a roaring success. 

“Throughout the year, even after the walk, you meet more people who are reaching to you. It's cool. You can say it's growing because, every year, you're connecting with more and more individuals.”

Troy Chandler
Troy’s Trail SWWR- Sault Ste.Marie





Check out more pictures
from our 2016 SWWR events across Ontario

Thank you to all the following for supporting SB&H and organizing a 2016 SWWR  

Andrew’s Walk- North Bay
Audrey’s Walk- Burlington
Emily’s Walk- Amherstburg
Gabby’s Gift- Newcastle
Isaac’s Walk- Kingston
Melanie’s Mile- Wainfleet
Mississauga Wheelers- Mississauga
Nick’s Cheering Squad- Oshawa
Saffi’s Walk- Ridgeway
Tara’s Walk- Belleville
Troy’s Trail- Sault Ste. Marie
Walk for Emily- Toronto
Walk For Hope- Milton
Wheatley Walk- Wheatley


Thank you to O.O.S. Medical for their ongoing sponsorship of the event.

OOS medical logo and hyperlink





We can’t wait for June 2017!!