2017 Lottery Calendar Featured Artist Profiles

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Our artist profiles were so popular last year, that we are once again excited to let the artists tell you a little about themselves. This year, we are looking back at the work of 12 talented artists from across Ontario who contributed work to past calendars over the last ten years.

Every month, we will feature a new artist. So, keep checking in to read about someone new.


January- Tessa Troch, Sault Ste. Marie

February - Jared Black, Toronto

March - Jordan Sarraf, Burlington

April - Emily Beauchamp, Amherstburg

May - Scott Reeve, Toronto

June- Lorna Wreford, Toronto (1938-2014)

July- Emma St. Aubin, Welland

August- Ayella Grossman, Erin

September- Katherine (Kasia) Parent, Newcastle

October- Elaine Davidson, Owen Sound


November- Steve Kean, Sudbury (originally)